R&D Center

Innovation is the life of an enterprise. RoiCrown Technology pursues sustainable operation, especially focusing on R&D and innovation. Oliva established sales and service centers in Hangzhou and Shanghai, China, and established product R&D centers in France and Xinchang.

R&D input

We introduce the world's leading technology and gather multinational high-tech talents to ensure the stable development of the company's industry and maintain long-term competitive advantages. More than 10% of annual sales are invested as research and development expenses.


RoiCrown Technology advocates the production concept of "zero defect" and "no substandard products", and strictly produces in accordance with ISO9001 quality management standards.


All employees of RoiCrown Technology regard product quality as the life of the company, and all employees are quality managers. Continuous improvement of quality and all employees strive for perfection.


Independent design

L+ double S space curved track, 4D simulation manipulator, intelligent body item detection, breakthrough innovation, independent design.


Strict sampling procedures

More than 100 processes, more than 30 technologies, repeated testing, each link must pass the test before entering the next link.


High standards and strict requirements

Stainless steel car, nano leather, silicone + glass fiber roller, we firmly believe that good materials have good quality.



20 massager equipment experts guided the whole process, 600 professional technicians carefully manufactured, constant temperature storage, limited height stacking, robot moving goods.


We insist on higher quality quality and service

Global marketing

We provide all kinds of smart health equipment solutions and products to customers around the world, and adhere to the brand image of the most advanced high-end smart rehabilitation equipment in China and France.


RoiCrown's technological quality management system has passed international authoritative quality system certification and safety system certification, allowing customers to obtain greater quality and safety guarantees in use. The R&D and production management system is certified by TUV and conforms to the ISO9001:2008 standard. All Oliva products comply with CE standards.







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