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Model: A3108

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Basic parameters

Rated voltage/power:Ac220V/50Hz or other customized voltage
Power consumption:约120WAbout 150W (70w-150w power consumption in use)
Automatic timing:The default timing is 20in (normally recommended use time is 40Min each time)
Types of automatic programs:Equipped with 15 automatic programs
Custom actions (manual):Freely combine 580 kinds of mixed massage movements
Number of main motor:4 (walking / kneading and hammering synchronization / seat angle adjustment linkage push rod)
Controller specification:Push-button segment code display controller (display time and program category)
Back angle:About 116°-160°
Massage movement category:Kneading hammer synchronous integrated elastic movement

Product features:
Silent dual track technology Adopt double-group LS track design, strong torque motor coaxial double-tooth drive, better fit the human body curve, balance the massage intensity
Deep V coating Lying in the full-wrapped space cabin style, the whole body area is balanced and stressed, like embrace of mother, giving me the power of love
Massage manipulator Adopt integrated kneading hammer with taiji rotating manipulator, global adaptive massage without blind area from neck to back
Balance massage force The core component adopts elastic smart telescopic technology to convert the curved surface of the back into a balanced force, make the massage is more comfortable
One-key start Adopt one-key smart start technology, more convenient to use
Zero gravity sense The machine is set to 2 gear of zero gravity lying position, free to choose your favorite relaxing position
15 health care procedures According to the needs of human acupoints, different massage frequency combinations can be adopted, and up to 15 intelligent multi-frequency programs can be selected
Foot phalanx massage The symmetrical curve structure design of human foot phalanx is adopted to effectively aim at the health care of Yongquan acupoint
Bluetooth music Use quick connect Bluetooth music playback, relax and listen to music while massage

Back massage parameters:
Back massage stroke length 140cm(Effective stroke of LS type track) Kneading speed 3 gears speed regulation 3R-5R/sec
Back massage width Min=6cm / Max=20cm Roller range Three-stage self-definition selection
Massage hand forward distance 5cm(Flexible adaptive control) Walking speed About 6 mm /s stepless speed regulation
Shoulder position detection function Default shoulder position Tapping speed 3-gear speed regulation 4R-8R/s
Neck and shoulder massage Plane kneading and rotating extrusion Airbag Shoulder Press 4 air bag packing shoulder
Back hyperthermia Infrared lamp heating

Chair leg massage parameters:
Air pressure intensity and frequency speed 3 gears pressure control (25 Kpa / 30 Kpa / 35 Kpa), 3 gears gas charging frequency
Parcel holder 4 air bags wrapped hand massage
Leg airbag wrap Four double-layer air bags are set at the legs and feet, which can squeeze and twist the legs
Wrap both sides of the instep Wrap air bags on both sides of the instep
Squeeze the sides of the heel /
Sole massage Three in-line skating of electric roller massage for Yongquan point
Sole hyperthermia /
Calf/leg massage Knead the legs with airbag

Utility function:
Whole body space capsule wrap massage One-click start of the whole chair 2 gears zero gravity posture adjustment
Linkage angle control of legs and back Bluetooth music function Air pressure shoulder function
Whole machine integrated packaging Open the box and power on

Peripheral parameters:
Chair cover material Synthetic leather (PU) Chair cover color Solemn red with off-white
Use size Chair back upright: 78(width)x150(depth)x105(height)cm / back of the chair: 78(width)x195(depth)x90(height)cm
Package Size 80 (width) x 130 (length) x 110 (height) cm Gross weight/net weight 85Kg /70Kg
Use environment Temperature 10-40℃ / Humidity 30-85RH Storage environment Temperature -10-60℃ / Humidity30-85RH
Packaging material Pure carton packaging (the inner pad is treated with foam) Packing quantity 40HQ:48; 20FT:22
Various certifications CE / CCC(Power section)