Join hands with British romh medical research center to launch Oliva high-end new products

Time: 2020-11-7 11:45:10

October 16, 2020, coincides with world spine day. According to public information, 97% of the middle-aged and elderly people in China suffer from spinal diseases. In recent years, there has been a trend of youth. More than 40% of people under 40 years old have various spinal diseases.

Due to the importance of spinal health, Oliva, a famous European massage chair brand, chose to launch two new strategic products on the world spine day. Although Oliva Oliva chose to release online due to the epidemic situation, due to the special identity of the partners and the excellent performance of the products, it has attracted wide attention in the industry.

Together with Oliva Oliva to create these two new products is the British romh medical research center, which is located in London, UK. It was built in the early 20th century. It was a general hospital and even treated wounded soldiers during World War I. Romh medical center has its own core advantages in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of orthopedic diseases. After entering the 21st century, it has gradually transformed into a medical center focusing on spine health and various orthopedic diseases.

In 2010, romh medical center and UK selead Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., the parent company of Oliva, reached a cooperation. Based on the theory of preventive medicine, romh and its founder, Dr. Paul wajim, jointly studied and launched a set of standardized massage techniques, which were combined with new era technology and transformed into electric massage chair program. In 2012, Oliva electric massage chair developed by romh Medical Center won the EU CE medical device certification. The products sell well in many European countries, such as Britain, France, Denmark and so on.

The release of strategic new products may change the market pattern of high-end massage chairs in China

On October 16, Oliva launched two new products, olivaol8600 and olivaa8909. According to the public relations director of Oliva euriva, the two massage chairs are the best-selling models in the European Union, and they were put into the Chinese market for the first time after localized design, transformation and strict testing. It was chosen to be released on world spine day because the company plans to set up a public welfare fund for spinal health.

Compared with the past massage chair, ol8600 and a8909 have a revolutionary breakthrough. First of all, the two massage chairs are equipped with 4d-ai movement, which can update and feedback user data at any time and make real-time intelligent adjustment. At the same time, the content of the chip is erasable and has the function of online upgrade. Whenever you buy the chip, you can update it in real time and enjoy the latest scientific research achievements.

Secondly, the massage chair is jointly developed by the British romh medical research center, with an electric massage program developed by the British medical expert team based on preventive medicine theory. At the same time, a number of innovative intelligent configurations, such as face recognition, speech recognition, body fatigue sensing, spine swimming heating, etc., are added to provide massage chairs with doctors' brains and master massage techniques for users.

It is particularly noteworthy that the two massage chairs use o-airbag air wave system. The principle of air wave pressure therapeutic instrument is applied to massage chair. The flexible air bag includes the knee. The knee joint and the inner and outer knee eye positions are gently pressed by the air wave pressure of scientific gradient circulation to protect the knee scientifically.