Why are massage chairs developed by European doctors so popular in China?

Time: 2020-11-7 11:38:40

In recent years, with the improvement of economic level, people pay more and more attention to health and quality of life than before. Massage chair is becoming more and more popular because it can not only protect the health of the family, but also improve the taste and quality of life.

According to AI media data, in 2019, massage chair has become the second hot search product of health electrical appliances. In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic situation, people's demand for massage is more than ever. For the sake of health and virus, many people are afraid to use the shared massage chair in public places, and it has become a trend to buy massage chairs home.

Recently, a massage chair called Oliva has been mentioned frequently. It is reported that Oliva was jointly developed by European orthopedic doctor Paul wajim and the Royal rmoh Orthopedic Center. Paul wajim was born in a European medical family. His grandfather and father both run medical clinics locally, and are well-known in the treatment of orthopedics. Influenced by his family, Paul wajim has always had a strong interest in medicine. When he was an adult, he was admitted to Weston university to obtain his doctor's degree and finally became a famous orthopedic doctor.

In the course of many years of medical practice, the Paul wakims have been committed to prevent or alleviate some orthopedic discomfort symptoms through massage, and promote human health. In 2010, Paul wajim medical team and Royal romh medical research center jointly developed a set of medical massage techniques, which were combined with modern technology and integrated into the electric massage chair program. In 2011, Paul wajim and his partners registered the trademark euriva in the European Union and served as the chief designer and chief health officer of Eurasia products. Considering China's potential as a developing country and its huge demographic dividend, Eurasia intends to take China as an important part of the global strategic layout, specially registered its trademark in China and officially entered the Chinese market in 2013.

In 2012, with its excellent quality, euriva massage chair also obtained the European CE medical device certification. As most massage chairs are only massage equipment, few of them have passed the medical device certification. It shows the professionalism of Eurasia by winning the CE certificate.

After euriva entered the Chinese market, some people raised a new question: "will a massage chair developed by European orthopedics doctors not suitable for the body shape of Chinese people?"

As a matter of fact, this problem was taken into account when Eurasia just entered China. First, the research and development team of euriva met with Chinese partners to adjust the medical massage program for Asian body quality and body shape, and the design draft was modified hundreds of times. After strict selection, Zhejiang has established its own factory in Zhejiang, the most developed place in China's manufacturing industry. The factory covers a total area of 280000 square meters. It has the strength of AI intelligent technology research and development. Relying on the highly precise automatic production line, it can produce thousands of massage chairs every day, and the process meets the strict requirements of the European Union.

Before leaving the factory, euriva massage chair has gone through strict trial production and test. The massage chair produced has to pass thousands of tests in euriva laboratory, including body test, program test, strength test, wear test, etc. Using the hall detection technology in the United States, users will automatically test their height, weight, fatness and fatigue degree of muscle groups as soon as they lie down. After receiving the data, 4d-ai chip will immediately launch a massage scheme that is most suitable for him. It can not only press on all parts of the body, but also make the left and right forces different according to the living habits. It is really customized by everyone and enjoyed by the whole family.

Perhaps it is the combination of medicine and ingenuity that enables euriva massage chair to have the professional massage techniques of orthopedics doctors and the strict technology and technology of EU. However, in terms of product size and application, it also implements a full Chinese strategy, which may be the reason why it is welcomed by Chinese consumers.