Home appliance industry: national health massage home appliance market is broad

Time: 2020-11-7 11:36:28

With the acceleration of aging process and the increase of office workers, the domestic consumers' demand for massage is growing day by day. With the upgrading of massage products and the gradual improvement of consumer experience, the market scale of massage chair with lower single consumption cost is expected to expand. We start from massage demand, explore the growth space of massage appliance market in the future.

   massage products are updated and upgraded, and the user experience is gradually improved. With the change of consumer demand, the development of massage appliance industry has two directions: large massage chair with full function and portable and flexible small massage appliance. In addition, the movement of massage chair has developed from 1D to 3D, and the guide rail has gradually developed from straight type to S-shaped and L-shaped, and massage manipulation has become more intelligent and simulated. The product technology is upgraded iteratively, and the massage products are easy to use, and the user experience is gradually improved.

   the demand for massage is growing day by day, and the domestic penetration rate needs to be improved. Massage has a long history of development in China, but now in the context of aging population and increasing sub-health population, the demand for massage health care is growing. According to meituan review data, in 2018, the number of foot therapy / massage industry merchants reached 200000, with a total order volume of 3.5 billion, contributing to a transaction volume of 500 billion yuan. In the 21st century, the production capacity of massage appliances has been transferred to China, and China has rapidly become the global R & D and manufacturing center of massage appliances. According to intelligence research consulting data, the market scale of massage appliances in China will reach 13.9 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of 7.8%. From the perspective of penetration rate of massage chair, the penetration rate of massage chair in China needs to be improved. According to the intelligence research consulting data, the market penetration rate of massage chairs in Japan has reached 27%, while that in mainland China is only about 1%.

   three dimensional channel laying, sharing massage and cultivating consumption habits. Due to the difference of selling products, different companies have different channel preference. Compared with the shoulder and neck massager and other massage small electricity, the value of massage chair is higher, and consumers have higher demand for product experience service. Therefore, the sales of massage chairs are mainly based on offline sales channels, while the sales of massage electric appliances are mainly online sales. With the popularity of the concept of sharing, shared massage chairs began to enter the cinema, railway station, shopping center, airport, hotel and other scenes. The shared massage chair quickly enters the public view through extensive laying, which cultivates the consumers' understanding of massage chair, and gradually realizes the sales transformation from "experience service" to "massage equipment entering home"